{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

Palos Verdes Engagement Photos | South Bay Photographer | Shay + Andrew

Palos Verdes Engagement Photos

It wasn’t my first time doing Palos Verdes engagement photos, but Shay and Andrew’s session did start off with a little more adventure than most engagement photos. Between my terrible sense of direction, using three different GPS systems, and not quite having an address to go off of, it’s a mini-miracle that Shay and Andrew happened to find me driving down a random street in Palos Verdes.

Fortunately, that was as rough as things got, since we were just a hill over from where Shay had thought we’d start. The day was filled with golden California sunshine, warm but not hot, the sweet smell of Palos Verdes ocean in the air, and Shay and Andrew were the cherry on top of this perfect ice cream sundae.

Shay + Andrew

I hadn’t met them before the moment when they found me driving down a random street in Palos Verdes, but as soon as I saw them, I loved them. No, not because they were seriously attractive and will (eventually, one day, no rush) make really beautiful babies, but because all at once I knew that they were ridiculously sweet and wonderful.

I was not to be disappointed. As Shay and Andrew began sharing the story of how they met at Masters College, it became exceptionally clear that their souls had found rest in each other. They were at ease, more themselves with each other than without. This is the kind of love that I most adore.

And what could I do, but begin taking their Palos Verdes engagement photos? The light, the setting, and the couple all fell into a beautiful rhythm with each other, and I just couldn’t help but capture it all.

Palos Verdes Engagement PhotosRancho Palos Verdes Engagement Photos

That light. Those eyes. The way he looks at her. Too much perfect in one photo. I just can’t even.

Palos Verdes Estates Wedding Photosromantic engagement photos

I know it’s almost a joke how much I love navy blue, just like it became a very worn tale that I love artichokes, but, hello, Shay’s shoes? I almost stole them off her feet because I was so obsessed with them.

sweet engagement photosoutdoors engagement photos

When we found this perfect little building with its glorious little flower boxes, I swooned, imagining it to be like something you’d find in Paris. Shay and Andrew were game to just sit and talk amongst themselves whilst I ran all over the place shooting from different angles, capturing different lighting, playing with the flowers, and more. I’ve since been to Paris, and this is 10x better. No joke. Way better. Thumbs up, Shay and Andrew. You picked Palos Verdes for these engagement photos and it completely delivered.

sunset engagement photosbeach engagement photos

So. Call it serendipitous or lucky or whatever you like, but I’m pretty sure God hand delivered a waterfall for us to take pictures in front of. This is a real thing. We just came upon it, randomly, and it was perfect and magical and all things fantastic.

waterfall engagement photospalos verdes beach engagementsunset palos verdes photos

Simply put, I love watching these two laugh. They do it all the time, and I really could not get enough.

romantic palos verdes engagement photos

All day, we couldn’t have asked for better light, but toward the end, things became especially golden and lovely, and maybe it was just me, maybe it was real, but I think Shay and Andrew became more lovely as well.

artistic engagement photosbeach engagement photos palos verdessunset beach engagement photoswilderness engagement photos

^^ This? Kind of my most favourite engagement session image of all time ever. Once in a very seldom while, everything aligns and we photographers have the perfect shot handed to us. Palos Verdes engagement photos, at the beach, at sunset, with this gazebo overlooking the sea, and Shay and Andrew up for anything? It made for the perfect shot.

Shay and Andrew, you two were a delight to my heart. Your sweetness toward and adoration for each other was apparent from the start, and it was an honour and privilege to get to know you as we wandered Palos Verdes looking for just the right spots. I simply cannot wait for your wedding in July!

Much aloha,


  1. Cristal Veronica

    May 15th, 2015 at 15:15

    Love everything about this!! So beautiful, Megan!!

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