{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

Heavens Ranch Wedding Photos | Chino Hills Photographer | Gina + Jose

A Heavens Ranch Wedding Story

Transcendent and radiant: the only way to contain Gina and Jose’s love with words. All at once, they are quiet, boisterously joyful, caught up in each other, spreading their shared goodness out into the world. And that’s what it is, the core of them, together, and them, as individuals. Goodness. Peace. Care. Kindness. They infect the people around them with betterness.

And it’s their wedding day, a beautiful, sunny autumn day in Chino Hills, perfect for their Heavens Ranch wedding. Perfect for them and their simplicity. Not that they are simple, but that they know how to take all the complexity and move it aside: seeing the things that are important, and showing you. Showing me.

Gina is radiant. Every time I see her, she glows even more than the last time. This time, on her wedding day, her smile is so big that even my face hurts. She’s surrounded by the women who love her, and it’s perfect.

Then Jose… What was I expecting, that his smile would be any less? It’s not. If anything, his face broadens to accommodate the growing grin. It’s his wedding day, the day that Gina will say, “I do,” and he will, too. Jose and the guys are faithfully setting up Heavens Ranch for a wedding no one will forget.

When Gina appears at the end of the aisle, Jose sneaks a peek at me, eyes wide and teary. This moment, it’s perfect. As I click the shutter, I think about how, one day, their kids will look at this picture, the one of Dad tearing up as Mom walks down the aisle. And then I’m tearing up, too.

Is it just me, or do they seem to need less words than most people? They have more laughter, and less words; better quiet moments, and in-tune communication skills. Have they learnt mental telepathy? They must. They say so much without speaking.

It’s the last song, a slow melody to which Gina and Jose sway back and forth, cherishing this last piece of wedding, and suddenly the strings of lights above the dance floor darken against the night sky. I think, at first, that it was a brilliant plan to end the night. But then Gina and Jose are surprised, and we all laugh together about how the world is a funny place, and they keep dancing, and there’s magic in the air.

This is the end of a Heavens Ranch wedding story, but the beginning of Gina and Jose’s family history. I got to be a part of it, the very first day, and that’s something special.

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