{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

I’ve been on a lot of planes lately, and anytime an activity becomes normalised, we start to take it for granted. At least, I do. So I noticed on the way to The Reset Conference on Friday that I was the traveller who no longer looked out the window. Just before touching down in Chicago, […]

It’s the sinking feeling that precedes the argument. Like craning your neck to see what’s down this path and seeing it clearly: a giant grizzly bear you’ll have to contend with if you take so much as a step further. Validation. Seeking, perhaps not recognition, but just… justification. Someone out there believing that what you […]

This morning I woke early, which I often do; I’d been packing until 3am, when I surrendered to sleep. Upon rising, I tripped around in the darkness, disrupting neatly folded piles of clothes on my way to the bathroom, feeling the intense need to brush my teeth. Still groggy, I gave them a quick brush before stopping […]

Lord, thank You for my time in India. What a way to refine me. I really don’t know much about the process of refining metal, but I can imagine that, if the metal were able to speak, it wouldn’t say, “Oh wow, this is so much fun. What a delightful process.” India was such for […]

I don’t know when it happened. I guess that’s how these things always go, right? Gradually, like the proverbial frog that starts out in a pot of water and ends up boiling slowly over time. (Which, honestly, can’t be a real story, can it?) Let me explain. The Facts: On Tuesday, I went to a scheduled […]

I bought a new lamp. I bought a new lamp for my nightstand, hoping it would cast more light in my room. The lamp cost $98, which is sort of a lot of money. Even though it’s a really nice lamp, it’s more money than I’ve ever spent on a lamp. It’s white, and it’s […]

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