{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

As promised on Monday, I have more McCoy Equestrian wedding photos for you lovelies! This time, Mr. & Mrs. Guinn’s wedding is on the blog. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love how McCoy Equestrian Center can adapt individually to each couple’s vision. And Arianna and Caleb’s wedding was no exception! Like […]

This is the week for McCoy Equestrian Center wedding photos. Later on, I’ll be posting Arianna and Caleb’s McCoy Equestrian Center wedding photos. But this is the time for Heather and Brad’s wedding, also at McCoy Equestrian Center, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing this wedding since I first set foot in the barn […]

Though I’m a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, it’s no secret that McCoy Equestrian Center weddings are my favourite weddings. But this wedding is extra special because it belongs to Allyse and Dan. I’ve known these two love birds since… well, since before they were love birds. While I was working with the high school group at […]

Okay, this wedding is from May, but since the blog is new, I thought I’d take the chance to post some previously unposted awesomeness! There’s no wedding I love more than a summer McCoy Equestrian Center wedding. This sweet couple started their day off at Chino Valley Community Church, where they said their vows, before […]

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