{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

When Volney told me that she and Jason were having a Calamigos Ranch wedding, I thought that was the icing on the cake. I had met Volney months before we first sat down to chat about her wedding, and I loved her (and her beautiful sister Schuyler) instantly, but I had no idea that she and […]

Stephanie and AJ’s wedding, with the Reef wedding photos, are long overdue, especially considering the special place they hold in my heart. The Reef Wedding Photos | Long Beach Wedding Photographer Every wedding is special in its own way, and Stephanie and AJ’s wedding at The Reef in Long Beach was no different. Over the […]

I have been dying to do engagement photos in downtown Claremont for pretty much… ever, so when Volney and Jason mentioned that basically every significant event in their relationship had happened there, I knew we were a match made in heaven! (Oops, I mean they were a match made in heaven…) For some crazy reason that […]

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