{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

I almost don’t even know how to talk about Francie and Coline’s Mount Palomar Winery wedding photos. I’d never heard of Mount Palomar Winery before they booked it, and the photos that popped up on Google did not give me a good picture of the place. So when the team and I showed up on […]

I’ve been so excited to share these Kauai family photos! Though I had planned to share something else today, because I blogged Heather and Brad’s Kauai session last week, it just seemed like the right time to post these Kauai family photos of the Abbotts. For years, the Abbott family and my family have been […]

Laura and Patrick’s Scotland honeymoon photos on the Isle of Skye pretty much go down in history as the most epic couples photo session I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. For a whole day, we drove around Isle of Skye, stopping anywhere that caught our eye. We got to take our time and really […]

Everything about Laura and Patrick’s Scotland wedding photos was a dream come true for me. In fact, if we looked at the list of reasons why I wanted to photograph this Scotland wedding so much, it would be like this: ✔ wedding in the U.K. ✔ wedding in a castle ✔ elopement ✔ old Hollywood feel ✔ did I mention […]

Yesterday, I promised you these Glamis family photos as the part 2 to Casey + Jason’s Glamis engagement photos! As I mentioned in that post, when I met Casey and Jason for coffee, they immediately impressed me with their love for each other and their sweetness. It was no surprise, then, that when it came […]

It wasn’t hard to fall in love with Casey and Jason when I sat down for coffee with them (at Canabru, of course). Aside from being insanely gorgeous, Casey literally glowed with love for Jason, whilst Jason beamed his love right back at Casey. So. Much. Adorable. Toward the end of our meeting, Casey mentioned that the […]

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