{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

You’re probably thinking that you missed part one of this engagement session, but you didn’t. Even though this nerdy engagement session at Round 1 happened after their picturesque engagement photos at Huntington Library, I’m blogging it first. Come back next Monday for all the gorgeousness that is spring at Huntington Library. So, yes. Nerdy engagement […]

Sharing Arianna and Caleb’s Huntington Beach engagement photos is loooong overdue (seeing as how their engagement session was just over a year ago). Even though it’s old news in terms of wedding seasons (I mean, so last year), I still love just about everything from this session. It shouldn’t have been unexpected, but the Tuesday in […]

There’s something extra special about Candice and Evan’s Crystal Cove State Park engagement photos. I want to say it’s because of Candice’s classy style, or because of the way Evan makes her smile. It could also be attributed to their cosiness. Or maybe it was the perfect beach sunset we got. In all honesty, though, […]

I can’t quite say that Kauai honeymoon photos specifically have been my dream, but I’ve always wanted to do a couples’ session or wedding on Kauai. My family has been going to Kauai for almost fifteen years, and every time I’m there, I look longingly out the window at Shipwreck Beach and wish for a beautiful […]

Laura and Patrick’s Scotland honeymoon photos on the Isle of Skye pretty much go down in history as the most epic couples photo session I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. For a whole day, we drove around Isle of Skye, stopping anywhere that caught our eye. We got to take our time and really […]

I can’t believe that in just a week I’ll be in Scotland photographing Laura and Patrick’s wedding and I have yet to blog their incredible Griffith Observatory engagement photos! So, as I’m working on catching up, and since I’m sure I’ll be posting a million things to my personal Instagram account whilst in Scotland, it seemed […]

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