{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

January 25, 2015 It’s my first session of the year, and even though I’ve been a Chino Hills photographer for nine years, it’s my first time shooting at this location. It’s warmer than I’d expected, even though the sky is split in two by sunshine and rain clouds. As I park my car behind Maddie and […]

December 29, 2014 It’s a Monday like any other when Chelsey and David meet me at Secret Park, my favourite super-hidden location for couples photos like theirs. The sun is sinking quickly, and sprays of gold fall through the trees as we walk down the forest path. The cool December air makes me thankful for my sweater, […]

Being a Chino Hills wedding photographer is awesome for a number of reasons. It means getting to shoot more frequently at McCoy Equestrian Center, one of my favourite venues, but it also means knowing all the cool places to shoot that are off the beaten path. When Jennifer and Jorden told me what they were […]

This OC wedding photographer is way behind in blogging, but it’s for all good reasons, I promise. Well, mostly good reasons, but we’ll save that one not-so-good for another time. Whilst everyone else is thinking about resolutions for the new year, I’ve been evaluating this last 0ne. It was a hard year, though a good […]

What does this SoCal wedding photographer love more than artichokes? (Okay, maybe just the same amount of love as artichokes.) Adorable clients. Adorable clients who rock their beautiful Chino Hills engagement photos and choose ridiculously awesome engagement photo locations. No joke. I’ve known Lisa for a long time. In fact, I can’t even remember how […]

Though I’m a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, it’s no secret that McCoy Equestrian Center weddings are my favourite weddings. But this wedding is extra special because it belongs to Allyse and Dan. I’ve known these two love birds since… well, since before they were love birds. While I was working with the high school group at […]

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