{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

{you are the story. i am the narrator.}

Today I get to show off my Chino Hills product photography. I don’t talk very often about my commercial work, including professional headshots, lifestyle photos, light box and seamless white backdrop product photography, and other stuff for businesses. However, it’s actually one of my favourite things to shoot. I never tire of the challenge that […]

Mary & Jon’s Huntington Gardens engagement photos in Pasadena were straight up dreamy. Being born and bred in Southern California, I’m more than a little ashamed to admit that this was my first trip to Huntington Library. (Shh, nobody tell Mary – I might lose a friend if you do.) To say the location more […]

You’re probably thinking that you missed part one of this engagement session, but you didn’t. Even though this nerdy engagement session at Round 1 happened after their picturesque engagement photos at Huntington Library, I’m blogging it first. Come back next Monday for all the gorgeousness that is spring at Huntington Library. So, yes. Nerdy engagement […]

I’ve been on a lot of planes lately, and anytime an activity becomes normalised, we start to take it for granted. At least, I do. So I noticed on the way to The Reset Conference on Friday that I was the traveller who no longer looked out the window. Just before touching down in Chicago, […]

Every summer, the Smith family does photos with me, and it’s one of my favourite things. I’m not sure if they have as much fun location hunting as I do, but this year, we decided it was time for downtown Riverside family photos. Since we’d done photos at the Claremont Colleges a few Christmases ago, […]

Sharing Arianna and Caleb’s Huntington Beach engagement photos is loooong overdue (seeing as how their engagement session was just over a year ago). Even though it’s old news in terms of wedding seasons (I mean, so last year), I still love just about everything from this session. It shouldn’t have been unexpected, but the Tuesday in […]

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